Web Design
There are many levels of web design. The question that you need to ask yourself if what do I need to get from my website. Most companies feel as though only a web presence is necessary. These companies have the six to ten page website, setup like most sites. Giving a brochure effect these can be good and effective if the message is communicated with imagery and copy. Other companies have a product or catalog of products that they want to sell online. The type of website these companies need tend to be a little more complicated and require plenty of planning. 

The Right Website for you
Deciding on what level of website that would be best for your company isn’t very hard. You only need to look at what your goal is and compare it against your budget. It doesn't matter if you need HTML, ASP, FLASH, 2D, 3D, Animated, corporate, elegant or high-tech; we can help you find the perfect solution for your company. 

What do I say on my website
Perhaps you already know what you need for your website but you don’t have the time or finesse to fill it with information about your company, employees, services or products. This is not a problem at all. we can write and research all the necessary copy for your website and direct it toward a good search engine ranking. 

What about the fancy web stuff?
On today’s web you can find many websites with Flash movies or cartoons and even some built entirely in Flash. Also you probably have seen neat animated objects within HTML. There are websites with calendars, gimmicks, gadgets, and all sorts of bells and whistles. Many of these elements go into a great and effective web design. The trick is to only use what will benefit your goal and only in a way to bring about that goal. 

Corporate Identification Development
You might be thinking that all of this sounds great, but you don’t even have a company logo yet. This is not a problem but another way to get value from your dollar by working with we. Your new company logo, stationary, business cards and other business supplies can be produced in conjunction with your website. we not only can bring you the highest quality web design but can also produce any level of graphical output needed. If that wasn’t impressive enough, we can even manage the printing process (work directly with printing companies) and take all the pressure off you.

Web Marketing
Web Marketing is essential in getting results from a website. It really doesn’t make a difference with regards to the size of your business when it comes to an effective web marketing campaign. With proper advertising website traffic can be increased dramatically. Through advanced analysis, web traffic targeting, promotional pages and ROI development you could have a web marketing campaign that will focus on your company’s goal. Whether that be to make an immediate sale and develop return business or generate a lead that either calls you or leaves a number for you to call.

A website with products to sell definitely needs an E-commerce solution. In today’s fast-food quick-fix world people want their purchase as soon as possible. The common buyer will move on to the next website if the one they are on isn’t easy to use and professional supplying them with the sense of comfort that their personal information and credit card is safe. 

When looking for the E-commerce solution that is right for your company, you need to plan out all the features that will bring your website success. Remember, you can only get out of a website what you are willing to put into it. 

Successful E-Commerce
Consider the effect a successful E-commerce solution can have on your sales. With a fully manageable catalog you will have the ability to change the pricing and description dynamically across your entire website. Each product can have specialized pricing and discounts based on many different promotional options. Imagine a Reseller / Distributor Store where your partners can purchase your product at their wholesale, or customized pricing. Using elements like the “Wish List” where a customer s an item that they want later or are just thinking about, this information can be later used to offer that customer a discount to close that sale. A good E-commerce solution mixed with a quality marketing strategy, your product will sell like you probably never expected. 

Customer Relations Management
With a good CRM you can simplify and sometimes automate some really important tasks. A good customer relations management system will increase the chances that your customers will remain repeat buyers. It will also help you identify new prospects to sell your product to. You can use an extranet/intranet for your internal and field sales representatives. Also you could have the ability to manage and communicate with your resellers, customers and partners offering special pricing or other promotions. 

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